Backing Up Your Computer Information

March 24, 2008 03:23 by admin

Carbonite is one of the best solutions to backing up your computer files. It is software that you install on your computer and any time you create new files on your PC it backs it up over the internet to secure servers. Even if you have an external hard drive it won't protect you if you have a house fire, if you are burglarized or storm damage. Your files are encrypted as they leave your computer so they cannot be read. They are simply stored outside of your home in the event your computer is stolen or distroyed you can purchase a new computer and download your files as if nothing had happened. Each new file you create is backed up daily in the background. It does not disrupt your work. To find out more or to download your free trial go to www.carbonite.com.



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March 24. 2008 03:48

I would like to install Carbonite on my computer, but I am concerned with the amount of time it would take to download everything from my computer since I use it everyday. It is a very time consuming process? How much space do they provide?


March 24. 2008 03:56

At Carbonite the space is unlimited. So you can download as much data as you want. The first back up does take some time. How long really depends on the number and size of the files that you have. Try backing them up over a long weekend or upcoming vacation. Once they are backed up the first time the rest of your new files or updated files are saved in the background without disturbing your work.

Tim Taylor

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